Robert Mealy


Robert Mealy enlisted in the Army and was assigned to the Army Air Force. He was sent to Hondo Field, Texas to be a Flight Officer as a Navigator. He would later be sent to Bombardier school in Midland, Texas.

After his training he was assigned to a B-25 Bomber Group at Godman Field, KY. Because of a shortage of twin engine pilots, he was then sent off to twin engine flight training at Tuskegee Army Air Field. Just prior to completing his training the war ended. After his active duty was over he went into the reserves in Wilmington, Ohio.

Mr. Mealy has spent over 30 years in Cincinnati in public school education. He has served at the junior high school and high school level as an Assistant Principal, Principal and was one of the city’s first Black Assistant Superintendent’s.  He has taught at the University of Cincinnati and has held several executive positions at the university level.