Lawrence Hawkins


Dr. Hawkins was born in Greenville, SC the son of a share cropper. His family moved to Cincinnati in 1926 and attended the Douglass School in the Walnut Hills area. It was there he received a strong foundation which carried him through Walnut Hills High School and the University of Cincinnati. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati and the Teacher’s College.He was inducted into the Armed Service in July 1942 in the infantry. He attended Officer Candidate School in Ft. Benning, GA, and was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in April, 1943. He served with the 93rd Infantry Division in California Desert Training Center until he was transferred to the Army Air Force Navigation School at Hondo, Texas.  After navigation school completion he later attended bombardier school at the Midland Army Air Field, Midland, Texas. He would later be assigned to the 477th Bombardment Group.

After leaving the military in 1945 he returned to Cincinnati where he became a certified elementary and secondary teacher. He completed his master degree and doctorate degree at the University of Cincinnati and later became a school superintendent and principal. He held various positions in the local school system and executive positions at the University of Cincinnati. He has served in various community based organization and has served on various boards. He owns his own consulting firm-LCH Resources and was one of the founding board members of the new National Underground Railroad Museum.