Les Edwards


Mr. Edwards was born on August 9, 1924 in Memphis, Tennessee. His father died when he was 5 years old. In order to provide for his family, most of Mr. Edwards’ life was characterized by hard work.

Leslie was a high school drop out when he entered the military during World War II. When he took a battery of tests he felt “opportunity knock.” He scored well enough to be assigned to engine mechanic’s school at Sheppard Field Training School in Texas and later attended additional training at Selfridge. MI.   He was then assigned to the 617th Bombardment Group Flight Squadron “A”, Godman Field, KY. He became a Staff Sergeant and Flight Chief and his unit had one of the best safety records in the military where his planes were always mission ready.

He was a part of a team hand-picked by Benjamin O. Davis Jr. to go to Myrtle Beach, SC to maintain planes that would be used in night flight operations to train navigators. His unit was scheduled to be shipped to the Pacific operation instead his unit was relocated from Godman Field to Freeman Field at Seymour, IN. It was there he witnessed the so-called “Mutiny at Freeman Field” in April 9, 1945.

After the military he continued his education earning a Bachelors Degree in Commerce at Salmon Chase College. He worked many years at Kahn’s Meat Producer’s and later in his career became a Federal Government meat inspector for about 3 years in Dayton, OH.  He returned to Cincinnati as an Ohio State Meat Supervisor and is credited with helping to improve the quality of the meat packing business in the State of Ohio.